Reporting by public or patient

Who can report?

Health care workers and professionals

All health care workers are required to register first before they can submit reports. The registration details will be used for communication and follow up.

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Any member of the public or patient

Any member of the public is able to report any cases of adverse drug reactions or incidents involving medical devices. For minors, parents/gaurdians can report on their behalf.

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What can you report on?

Adverse reactions caused by Drugs

Adverse Events Following Immunization

Poor Quality Medical Products

Medication Errors

Reactions caused by Transfusion

Medical Devices Incidences

What happens when you report?

All the information is received in confidence and will only be accessed by designated PPB staff. The Board will investigate the cases and where possible, provide feedback on the status/outcome of the review. The details of the reporter will always remain anonymous. The information collected will be used to improve patient safety.
 NOTE: Patient’s identity is held in strict confidence and the designated PPB staff shall not disclose the reporter’s identity in response to any public request. Information submitted by you will contribute to the improvement of drug safety and therapy in Kenya.