New Report

When submitting a new report, you are first required to provide us with the type of report and your email address.

We will use this address to send you copies of the reports you have submitted to us

You are advised to register as a user especially if you will be using this system often

Benefits of Registration

  1. Form Auto-filling: The new forms will be automatically filled with some of your registration data to reduce the work required to fill the entire form.
  2. Reports: You will get access to all reports that you have submitted in a easy to use interface.If you have registered your institution code and you posses appropriate privileges, you will be able to view a listing of other reports submitted from the same institution.
  3. Optional persistent communication with Pharmacovigilance department at PPB: You will have the option of turning on or off initial Email Notification. You will bea ble to turn or or off the automatic email sent when you create a report.You will still get the confirmation email on successful submit.


An Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is defined as a reaction that is noxious and unintended, and occurs at doses normally used in man for prophylaxis, diagnosis or treatment of a disease, or for modification of physiological function.

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